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Handgun I & II
Handgun Proficiency
Target identification, situational awareness, use of cover versus concealment.
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Shotgun I & II
Shotgun Proficiency
Safe handling, basic shotgun operation, managing reloads, understanding patterning, safe handling in confined spaces.
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Low Light
Low Light Proficiency
Low light / no light scenarios, gun mounted and handheld lights, household scenarios.
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Handgun I

An 8 hour class designed for the new handgun owner or prospective handgun owner. Handgun nomenclature, safety, proper handling, maintenance will be covered along with the differences between all the handgun choices out there. more...

Handgun II

Handgun II is an 8 hour course designed for the handgun owner wanting to step up their game a little or has an interest in perhaps competing sometime in the future. Also a good class for the experienced shooter wanting to brush up on fundamental skill sets. more...

Tactical Shotgun I

This is an 8 hour course designed for the new or experienced shotgun shooter who wants to optimize their performance with the most versatile home defense weapon available. This course will also dispel many unban legends and myths surrounding the shotgun. Discussed is the necessary accessories for a good reliable tactical/self defense shotgun. more...

Tactical Shotgun II

A one day / 8 hour course designed for the experienced shotgun shooter that wants to optimize their performance with their shotgun. This course will also cross over onto techniques that will assist the 3 gun competitor. more...

San Diego County Concealed Weapons Permit

Pursuant to C.P.C. 12050 this course meets all requirements set by the California Department of Justice and the County of San Diego Sheriff’s Department for initial and renewal applicants for a Concealed Weapons Permit (CCW). It will familiarize the new and refresh the renewing CCW applicant with the legal, moral and technical issues surrounding carrying a concealed handgun in public. more...

Wounded Shooter (Handgun)

This is an 8 hour course designed for the law enforcement officer, security guard, CCW holder or handgun owner wanting to improve their odds at surviving a gunfight by learning techniques to be used if wounded or knocked down during a fight. more...

Vehicle Defense

There are many misconceptions regarding shooting out of or from around vehicles. This training has been for year the sole providence of law enforcement, but now it is available to civilians too. +P Proficiency is providing a unique one day training experience. Learn how to defend yourself and/or your family while in or around a vehicle. more...

Specialized Training Courses

Vehicle Defense - Low / No Light Shooting - Unusual Positions / Wounded Shooter - Laser-Shot: Deadly Force decision making shoot / don’t shoot DVD program< - and more. These courses are offered as requested and can be done as a group event or private training. Custom Courses designed specifically for your needs.

Please call or email +P Proficiency for details and costs.