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Handgun I & II
Handgun Proficiency
Target identification, situational awareness, use of cover versus concealment.
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Shotgun I & II
Shotgun Proficiency
Safe handling, basic shotgun operation, managing reloads, understanding patterning, safe handling in confined spaces.
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Low Light
Low Light Proficiency
Low light / no light scenarios, gun mounted and handheld lights, household scenarios.
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Tactical Shotgun I

This is an 8 hour course designed for the new or experienced shotgun shooter who wants to optimize their performance with the most versatile home defense weapon available. This course will also dispel many unban legends and myths surrounding the shotgun. Discussed is the necessary accessories for a good reliable tactical/self defense shotgun.

Subjects Covered

  • Nomenclature
  • Safety
  • Mount and stances
  • Loading / Unloading / Reloading
  • Patterning with buckshot
  • Malfunction clearing
  • Introduction to positional shooting
  • Introduction to multiple target engagements
  • Slug shooting at 25 and 50 yards

What you need to bring

  • Note taking materials
  • Functional shotgun 12 or 20 gauge, pump or semi-auto, 18" to 22 barrels (Please no goose guns)
  • Ammunition holding device(s) dump pouch, BDU pants pockets, combat speed strippers
  • Long pants, tee or polo shirts, close toe shoes or boots. No tank tops, shorts or sandals
  • Sunscreen and a hat or cap that works with your hearing protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing rain gear if inclement
  • Eye and ear protection
  • 75 birdshot, 20 buckshot (whatever you have for HD) and 10 slugs
  • Slings are optional for this class

Course cost $75 (does not include ammunition or range fees)

Minimum class size is 5

This training is available privately as well. Please email for details and costs.

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