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Handgun I & II
Handgun Proficiency
Target identification, situational awareness, use of cover versus concealment.
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Shotgun I & II
Shotgun Proficiency
Safe handling, basic shotgun operation, managing reloads, understanding patterning, safe handling in confined spaces.
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Low Light
Low Light Proficiency
Low light / no light scenarios, gun mounted and handheld lights, household scenarios.
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Tactical Shotgun II

A one day / 8 hour course designed for the experienced shotgun shooter that wants to optimize their performance with their shotgun - advanced positional shooting, multiple target engagements, shooting on the move, aerial targets, pistol transitions, and more.

This course will also cross over into techniques that will assist the 3 gun competitor.

Prerequisites: Tactical Shotgun I or equivalent

Subjects Covered

  • Quick review of nomenclature
  • Safety brief
  • Review mount and stances
  • Review Loading / Unloading / Reloading
  • Review malfunction clearing
  • Positional shooting
  • Multiple target engagements
  • Use of cover / shooting around barricades
  • Select slug drills
  • Slug shooting at 25, 50, and 100 yards
  • Shooting on the move
  • Aerial targets
  • Introduction to pistol transitions

What you need to bring

  • Note taking materials
  • Functional shotgun 12 or 20 gauge, pump or semi-auto, 18" to 22 barrels (Please no goose guns)
  • Ammunition holding device(s) dump pouch, BDU pants pockets, combat speed strippers
  • Long pants, tee or polo shirts, close toe shoes or boots. No tank tops, shorts or sandals
  • Sunscreen and a hat or cap that works with your hearing protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing rain gear if inclement
  • Eye and ear protection
  • 100+ birdshot, 20 buckshot (whatever you have for HD) and 20 slugs
  • Slings are required for this class - two point carry straps are ideal

Course cost $95 (does not include ammunition or range fees)

Minimum class size is 5

This training is available privately as well. Please email for details and costs.

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